Leadership coaching

We begin coaching with helping the leader define their Leadership Roadmap. The Roadmap establishes the outcomes the leader is accountable for delivering to their organization, and it identifies how the leader and their team need to function to achieve the Roadmap. The Leadership Roadmap sets the overall purpose and direction for the coaching. When the Roadmap is established, coaching supports the leader in:

  • Obtaining their team’s alignment and commitment to the Roadmap
  • Ensuring the leader’s team and the rest of their organization are operating in concert to implement the Roadmap
  • Addressing resistance to necessary changes
  • Managing team and individual performance 

The coaching process involves initial expectation setting and periodic status conversations with the leader and their manager, 360 feedback or other assessments to pinpoint leadership strengths and weaknesses that need to be developed, one-on-one coaching sessions to identify actions the leader can take to advance achievement of their Roadmap, real-time coaching with the leader and their team, and integration of lessons learned. It all adds up to the leader achieving a remarkably high level of performance and delivering exceptional results.


TEAM coaching

We coach teams to high performance by working with them in real time as they work to solve thorny problems, address conflict, or create innovative products or services. We utilize a highly hands-on, practical approach to team development that goes well beyond typical team-building events. Teams we work with become more collaborative, productive and creative. 



A culture characterized by enthusiastic engagement, aligned action, leading-edge innovation and extraordinary results doesn’t materialize on its own. To achieve this desirable state, we work hand in hand with clients to thoughtfully and intentionally develop their organizational cultures. Our culture improvement process includes:

  • Identifying systemic causes of the gap between where the culture currently is and where it needs to be
  • Utilizing a high involvement process at all levels in the organization to develop targeted actions designed to close the culture gap – and which fosters deep commitment to executing them
  • Implementing pulse-checks that identify culture change progress and any needed course corrections
  • Integrating culture into the fabric of the organization, making it the north star for how the organization truly operates (instead of merely a handful of slogans and exhortations)

We ensure that our culture improvement process dovetails with your organization’s existing artifacts such as mission, vision, and values, so that you avoid the common mistake of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The result of our work is an organization that meets or exceeds its goals, retains top talent, and outperforms its competitors.