What Clients and Colleagues are Saying

“We hired Jodi Grossman to impact our leadership/management development needs of which the scope was broad and uncharted. She quickly assumed the role of partner/coach and was committed to approach the process by garnering information about the company’s strategic objectives from the executive team so that the training could align with and help us achieve those objectives. Her consistent responsiveness and reliability, along with her unique business acumen positively affected the incredible success of this venture. Even in light of our fast paced, dynamic environment and course corrections over the length of this journey, Jodi’s dedication and commitment to affect change and impact our leadership team never wavered. We are a much improved, better positioned leadership team because of her.”
— Human Resources Director, Energy Management SAAS
"Working with Jodi was the best investment I have ever made in myself.  As an executive leader I knew many of the areas we worked on - but they had been buried by the stress and deliverable's of my day-to-day work.  Jodi's executive coaching helped me take a deep breath and look back at what my own natural skills are and then how to enhance them for resiliency and leadership, which was a benefit not only for me but also for my team and company."

— Global Talent Acquisition Vice President, Financial Services

"I’ve known Jodi for more than 12 years and worked with her on different projects as a consultant. Jodi is a smart, highly capable and effective professional. There are several things that set Jodi apart. They include her passion and commitment to doing what is right. Jodi is a quick study and quickly grasps facts and conditions around her. She is very comfortable and effective at working with people at all levels within an organization. This quality of Jodi’s has served companies well where facilitating individual growth and team performance is paramount to their success. It’s been a pleasure and honor working with her."

— Executive Leadership Development Consultant

"I had the pleasure of working with Jodi Grossman for nearly nine years. She is very responsive to the needs of the customer and takes great responsibility for the success of the engagement. One of Jodi’s key attributes is her willingness to challenge me and to present innovative ideas that enabled me to examine problems and solutions in different ways, which caused me to be more effective in my role. I highly recommend her."

— Research & Development Executive Director, Data Storage Manufacturer

"I cannot recommend Jodi enough.  She’s been a great resource for me. In just a short period of working together, she knew when to pull back (allowing me to sort through something on my own) and when to provide additional guidance. She took the time to get to know me (professionally and personally), my team, and my company’s dynamics.  I’m confident through my work with Jodi that I’ve come a better leader, employee and wife/mother to my family.

— Senior Financial Planning & Analysis Director, Medical Device Manufacturer

"Working with Jodi for the past year has proven to be one of the smartest investments I've made in my career thus far. As an emerging leader, I feel confident in my skills but also have many questions and unknowns about my role. At the beginning of our relationship, Jodi was able to establish a clear understanding of my professional landscape while building trust and confidence between us, which enabled us to quickly dig into the coaching process. Jodi has helped me to craft a vision for my role with clear focus on actionable goals, while also providing coaching and helpful tools to navigate singular events. I always look forward to my time with her and couldn’t be happier to have made the choice to work with her."

— Digital Art Director, Sports Apparel Retailer

"Jodi has been a trusted colleague and advisor for many years. She has deep content expertise and experience in leadership and team coaching, organization development, and talent management. Jodi possesses great sensibility and maturity to apply her knowledge and experience in a way that really makes a difference for clients. I recommend Jodi highly to anyone looking for a coach or a consultant who possesses the rare skill to know not only what to do but also how to do it very well."

— Organizational Development Consultant

“Jodi has a passion for empowering strong, effective leaders. She understands the challenges facing leaders at all levels from years of firsthand experience, which brings valuable insight and examples to her facilitation and coaching. Jodi takes a personal interest in everyone she works with, and I’ve seen her literally cheer for joy when she’s able to help someone reach a personal goal or overcome an obstacle. Jodi is a valuable resource for leaders and teams alike.”
— Technical Communications Leader, MBA